Silicon carbide seal rings
Silicon carbide seal rings
parameters1:A. EG-1:The reaction-bonded silicon carbide seal rings RBSIC.
parameters2:B. EG-2: Pressureless sintered silicon carbide seal rings SSIC.
parameters3:C. EG-3:SIC with 5 - 30% graphite content seal rings.
We can according to customer’s required to offer the mechanical seals and seal rings which equivalent to John Crane, Burgmann, AES seal, Roten, Sterling, Flowseve, Vulcan, EKK,Roplan and Latty etc.

Silicon carbide seal rings

We manufacture Outer Diamater 550 MM of Silicion carbide seal ring/face

SSIC: Sic purity(%)≥98, Density(g/cm3)≥ 3.1,Hardness≥HV2300,Heat temperature (in atmosphere)≥1600℃.
RBSIC: Sic purity(%)≥90, Density(g/cm3)≥ 3.06,Hardness≥HV1700,Heat temperature (in atmosphere)≥1400℃.
SIC with 30% graphite content: Density(g/cm3)≥ 2.65,Hardness≥HV1600,Heat temperature (in atmosphere)≥1600℃.

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