Silicon carbide sleeves
parameters1:The reaction-bonded silicon carbide RBSIC
parameters2:Pressureless sintered silicon carbide SSIC
parameters3:SIC with 5 - 30% graphite content
Silicon carbide sleeves

 Silicon carbide sleeves

SSIC: Sic purity(%)≥98, Density(g/cm3)≥ 3.1,Hardness≥HV2300,Heat temperature (in atmosphere)≥1600℃.
RSIC: Sic purity(%)≥90, Density(g/cm3)≥ 3.06,Hardness≥HV1700,Heat temperature (in atmosphere)≥1400℃.
SIC with 30% graphite content: Density(g/cm3)≥ 2.65,Hardness≥HV1600,Heat temperature (in atmosphere)1600℃.




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